Saturday, September 20, 2008

We love being home with family!

Now that we're home we get to spend time with all of the people that we've missed so much this summer! We love our families so much and have been so excited to spend time with them! Here is Easton playing with Grandma and Grandpa Peck in Grandpa's new truck.
Here's awesome Aunt Jocelyn. Easton loves playing with her!
One of the highlights of our visit was taking a ride on Grandpa's new John Deere lawn mower. Can't you just see the excitement bursting out of him?

Easton and Grandma took off on the mower...
...and kept going... and going... and going...
...but don't worry, they came back! Easton loves Grandpa Dave and Grandma Kate and Aunts Whitney and Jocelyn and we're so excited to be home to spend time with them!

We're home!!!

Alright, although we've been home now for almost a month, I'm just barely putting up a post on here, but we took this picture of Easton on the plane and I thought it was so adorable that I had to put it on! He was such a good boy and played with his toys and was happy most of the time. There was an empty seat next to us so he got to sit in it and read his books! We are so happy to be home with family and friends, but we'll definitely miss our friends out in Virginia! I decided to post some pictures of Easton and his little friends that he will miss!

This is Taylee. She and Easton played together all the time and were so silly. Taylee would always pat Easton on the head like a dog and stick things in his mouth. Easton loved it and would just open his mouth and bite whatever Taylee put in it. Taylee lives just around the corner from us now and whenever Easton sees her he gets super excited and squeals his head off!

Easton also had some little friends in our ward, Kevin and Ricky. Here is Easton and Kevin in their "fort" where they had so much fun!

Here's Easton with his adorable little cousins Kayla and Mylee. He absolutely loved them and squealed every time he saw them. He is going to miss them so much and hopefully we can go out and visit everyone in Virginia soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mobility here we come!

For those of you who don't know... Easton can crawl! I don't have any pics of him yet, but I am just so excited for him so I thought I would post a little message and share my excitement! He did his breaststroke across the carpet forever, and then a few days before we came home he started doing the real thing! Now he crawls all over our apartment and when we went to my parents last weekend he took off up the stairs! When I say took off, I really mean it! First he zoomed up the short stairs (about 3 steps) and then went about halfway up the long staircase, which is about a dozen stairs! I can't believe it! I have a feeling he can do a lot more than I realize though. I peeked in his door one day to check on him during a nap and found that not only was he not asleep, he somehow pulled himself up in his playpen and was walking around in it holding on to the side! The funny thing is when I'm in the room he acts like he can't do anything, but when nobody is there to get him he just does everything himself! I'm so excited for him to have this newfound freedom, but I now understand why all moms told me that I should enjoy his non-crawling time. The other day while I was in the shower he crawled right over to the tub, pulled himself up, and tried to dive over the side and jump in with me! I put him back on the floor but he would just keep charging the tub! I think we're in for a lot more adventures! ?Easton is constantly crawling into every space and shelf that he can. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get some!

Washington Monument

In the summer of 2006, Jonathan was a little pest control salesman in Virginia and we had been dating for a few months but were already madly in love. I went out to visit him and we took this picture in front of the Washington Monument. At the time, we would have never guessed what the future held. Almost exactly 2 years later, here we were again, but in such a different phase of life!

Now we are so much happier than we could have ever imagined and can't believe how blessed our little family is! I'm so grateful for Jonathan and Easton and the happiness they bring to my life! I really can't imagine life without them!

I got a tag!

So, I have never been tagged before and even though this is probably a really immature thing to be excited about, I am!

3 Favorite Last Purchases....

1. New Jammies for Easton
2. A whole lotta food storage from Macey's caselot sale
3. Tashina's baby shower present! Holy cow shopping for little girls clothes is so fun!

3 Favorite Movies...
1. Singing in the Rain
2. Kicking and Screaming
3. August Rush

3 Things I Haven't Done Yet...
1. Been on a cruise
2. Been stung by a bee
3. Left the United States

3 Things I Cannot Live Without...
1. My Family
2. Dessert
3. A Treadmill -- so I can have as much dessert as I want!

3 Favorite Dishes...
1. Avocado Turkey Burgers
2. Chicken with Zucchini and Tomatoes
3. Anything my lover fixes for me

3 Favorite TV Shows...
1. SportsCenter (that's for Jonathan)
2. Shows about sharks and squids and other creatures in the sea
3. Racheal Ray

3 Last Places I Traveled...
1. Lake Powell
2. Coalville
3. Home from Virginia!

3 Favorite Desserts...
1. Cheesecake
2. Brownie Sundaes
3. Oreos, etc. I'm not gonna lie, this list could go on forever! It basically includes everything sweet!

3 Things I Would Buy if Money Weren't an Issue...
1. All the cute clothes I want for my kids!
2. Every ingredient in the world so I could make any recipe
3. A really really big truck

3 Wishes...
1. That me and Jonathan live for a long time and die together at the same time
2. That all of our kids will be happy and we'll be a close family forever
3. World Peace...seriously

3 People I Tag...
1. Bobi Sue
2. Brindy
3. Jacque