Friday, January 29, 2010


Late, yes, oh well. We...
celebrated Easton's 1st birthday
started walking
found out I was pregnant at 2 months along
spent tons of time with family
had some girl time
went to the temple a lot
celebrated two wonderful years of marriage
Jonathan graduated and is now getting ready for law school in the fall
got my first church calling since getting married... then moved a month later
lived in 4 different apartments
visited tons of places in Virginia
fed a camel
went to a waterpark and a few farms
went to the dc zoo 3 times
rode the metro everywhere
danced in the rain
had some fun game nights
went swimming
played ultimate frisbee... and lost Jonathan's wedding ring
played with Taylee almost every day this summer
went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard & Georgetown Cupcake
had my 5-year reunion, but couldn't go
played at the park almost every day
made so many new friends
had a little surprise
and barely made it with only 10 minutes to spare for an emergency c-section
met a 3 lb. miracle...
and fell in love
spent 6 weeks "visiting" and falling more in love
received endless prayers and support
my mom came out and stayed with us for 3 weeks
got to experience natural labor... and didn't think it was too bad till the very end
finally got to come home
drove across the country with an almost 2 year old and a preemie just out of the NICU who was on a monitor and still wasn't even due for 3 more weeks!
the boys met the Kansas Pecks
Jonathan got pulled over twice... and got off both times
then he dropped his wallet at a pit stop and we realized it 10 miles down the road
but it was still there just sitting in the middle of the parking lot
our battery died at a gas station
and at this point we thought we'd had an eventful trip
then had the scariest 57 minutes of our lives, but everything turned out okay
got to go on life-flight for the first time in any of our lives
spent more time in the hospital than in all of our lives combined... 7 weeks!
got off oxygen after 2 1/2 more months on it at home
loved the little brown curly hair and dark blue eyes and super curly lashes
gave so many kisses both boys cheeks are rashy
got chubby (me and Caden that is)
saw so much strength in my husband and fell more in love than ever before
survived 2 months of colic and reflux
and now rolled over(at 5 months!!! Meaning he's basically caught up already!)
can't even remember he was ever that small

I'm sure 2010 has many more adventures and I know that through our strength as a family and through the knowledge of the gospel we will be prepared for anything! I can't believe life could be so wonderful and I've learned so much and it seems to just keep getting better. I'm so grateful for all of our blessings and can't wait to continue life with my three boys!
Oh, and I know the pictures aren't in order, but I'm too lazy to change them all :)