Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trampolines are for...

Bonding with cousins....


And a little bit of sleeping. But let's face it- at a trampoline slumber party with the whole fam (grandparents included!) sleeping is probably at the bottom of the list.
Especially for little Mylee! She and I were the only ones who stayed up till 2 am so we could watch ALL of Pete's Dragon. Woot woot, go Mylee!

It was so much fun and we're so excited for next summer!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cupcakes for Cancer

Last weekend we participated in the Cupcakes for Cancer fundraiser. A little boy in our ward was recently diagnosed with cancer and so some ward members got together and put on a 5k, fun run, all out party to raise money for his family. Awesomest ward ever right? Right. Everything was donated and there was tons to do! First they had a race for the little kids. (These aren't exactly in the right order, I'm terrible at this blogging stuff!)
Here's Easton and his T-buddy getting ready for the race. They were so excited to run like Lightning McQueen!
Here's the starting line. All the kids look pretty intense huh?
Here they are racing! Where's Easton? (look to the far right)

Did he pull an amazing win off? Nope, he came in dead last :)

In fact, he didn't even finish. He got distracted by the bounce house that was along the way.

Here the two boys are halfway down the race way just waiting to go in the bounce house.
Silly boys. I guess we'll hold off on those Olympic Sprint team dreams. But we might enter him in some eating competitions. As the name of the event indicates, there were plenty of cupcakes to be enjoyed! And boy howdy did the boys enjoy them!

They also got to ride the "train." A guy in our ward made this train for his kids and he brings it to a lot of ward activities and it is a huge hit! We're totally going to steal the idea and make one someday when we have a 4wheeler!

First I rode with both boys and then Easton wanted to go with his bud, all by themselves. What big boys! Lately everything is " I do it all by myself." I like this stage, independence is a good thing, even if getting there means quite a few big messes while he figures it out, it's fun to see him learn!

There was also a 5k which we all ran together. All as in all 4 of us! (Jonathan did most of the pushing. He let me push it down the home stretch so it looked like I did some too. He's the best. And the funniest.)

Here are the cupcakes in all their glory!

They look great huh? And Einstein Bagels donated a bunch of bagels, so next time you need a morning snack, pick them! They rock.

Where we live there are plenty of fields around, so of course my boys can always be found here:

Throwing Rocks. Usually not even at anything. They are just always sitting there throwing them. Whenever we go hiking Caden sits and screams his head off to get out of the backpack the whole time because he can't handle the sight of so many beautiful rocks just lying there tempting him. Good thing I don't mind if they get a little dirty, because it's a daily thing.

They did get to play in the bounce house for quite a while and loved it.

The whole event was awesome and we're so happy to live in such a great ward. Seriously, we love it. Jonathan has one day of classes left and then two weeks of finals and he is DONE with his first semester of law school! Whoopee! It's not too bad, we see him a lot more than I thought we would and even when we don't there is so much to do I never get bored. The boys get more and more fun each day and I love having Easton talking so much because I feel like I have a little best friend with me all the time that I can talk to and they can actually understand and respond. And now that Cade can walk they chase each other around the house all the time, I think I really like this whole brothers thing. Each night we tell Easton a made-up story before he goes to bed and it's always about adventures he goes on with his best-brother-friend Caden. He loves it.
I forgot to mention before, and this is really late, but Jonathan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary in April! I'm so grateful for him and I try everyday to be more like him. My mind boggles at my stroke of luck that he actually picked me to be with him forever. YES!!!! I'm so excited for every day that I get to spend with him! He makes me happier than I ever knew I could be. Love you sweetie!