Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We've been up to...

Playing at parks, feeding "gucks," and just having fun! Apparently we've been enjoying a little too much sunshine because the first comment everyone makes when they see my kids is "Wow, they are tan." I need to use more sunscreen, but I don't think it will make a difference since we spend all day outside anyway. But what are we supposed to do, sit inside when it's gorgeous out? It's supposed to snow the rest of this week though, so I guess we'll have a chance to whiten up a little. And go out to build another snow fort.

I am so in love with my boys lately. Easton is the most darling little thing ever. I think he hit the terrible twos at about 18 months and then got over it when he turned two, I just can't believe how good he is! There have been a lot of times lately when kids will take away his toys or hit him and he does nothing back. It makes me happy since I won't have to worry about him being a bully. He is a joy and I LOVE being his mom.

Easton is also growing up a lot lately and it makes me kind of sad. He's losing some of his baby words. Now he says "double" instead of "bow bow" for W, "kitty" instead of "meow" and he also is starting to say Grandma and Grandpa instead of "poppa" and "da hun"(which is what he calls my mom since my dad calls her "hun") and "maama Kate"(Jonathan's mom). At least he still says "hud" for hug. That one makes me smile.

Caden is a little copycat. He has to be doing EVERYTHING that Easton does and be right next to his big brother. It is so cute though to watch them together. They love to laugh at each other and will just sit and make each other laugh for half an hour straight. Caden just turned 8 months and is about 19 lbs. He isn't crawling, but my neighbor had twin girls 2 weeks earlier than Caden and she said they didn't crawl till 12 months, so we might have a while still. It's okay though, he is such a tubby little joy that I can wait a little longer for him to be mobile and lose his baby fat, I'm just not sure HE can wait that long. He still isn't sleeping well and we've tried a few different methods and nothing has worked, so he and I are not eating dairy and wheat for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference. We already know that he is allergic to squash so we're wondering if he could be being bothered by other foods as well. I was sensitive to dairy as a child and so I was a horrible sleeper so maybe he has the same problem. I don't know how I'm going to handle giving up chocolate completely, but it's worth it if we can start sleeping again.

I love my 3 boys so much and love being a mom. The other night Jonathan and I were talking about where we would be if we didn't have kids yet, and we both decided that all the other things we want to do like travel, have a house, go on dates whenever we want without getting a babysitter, sleep through the night... none of those are worth the joy these little guys bring us.

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