Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello from the East!

Whew! That was quite the blogging break we had there, but we've been pretty busy! We moved just outside of Washington, DC at the end of April and we have had so many fun adventures since we've been here! Oh, and we don't have internet in our apartment so my blogging opportunities are a little limited... or maybe I'm just lazy... either way it's been a while, but here we are! I will have to be picky on what I post because I have a million pictures from all of our adventures, but here goes! I decided to start with this one since this is the most asked for picture:
Finally a belly picture! This was taken last week at 26 weeks/6 months, which is why I have 6 fingers up, so I will remember. I look a little funny since I'm twisting to the side. So here is our little lump of a baby! He is over two pounds now and 15 inches long! I'm in the 3rd trimester now and so if he comes at the same time as Easton it will be in ten weeks! Ah I'm so excited!!! We still really have no idea on a name, so if you have any ideas let us know. Overall this has been a pretty easy pregnancy, especially compared with Easton, so hopefully that means he's going to be an easy kid! Speaking of Easton.... he is so much fun! It really is true that the older they get the more fun they are! And I'm constantly amazed at how much he can do! Here are some funny little quirks about him right now:
- Every night when I put him in his crib he waves and blows me a kiss. :)
- His favorite place to go is "da stoah" (store) and he gets so excited when I tell him we're going. We made a tunnel with a mattress in the bedroom and he crawls under it and waves goodbye to me and babbles but always ends with "da stoah" so I think he's telling me he's going to the store.
- He is overly organized! We never have an open door or drawer because he is constantly shutting everything. He also loves to put things away in the drawers or the trash and to do laundry. Now when he pulls all of his clothes out of his drawers he puts them all back, and tonight he was playing with blocks while I was doing dishes and when I was done I went over to play with him and he was putting them all back in the bag and when he got done he put away all of his books. Oh, and he has to have his books stacked in order of size at night before we can read them and then the smallest on top comes first all the way down to the biggest on bottom. I think it's a phase all little kids go through, but it makes me laugh every time there's something new.
- Jonathan works long hours and Easton LOVES when he does get to see him and since he's asleep when he gets home, Easton has to go wake him up in the morning. He isn't happy till he's seen Dad.
- He is obsessed with airplanes and will stop whenever he hears one and point to the sky.
- He is also obsessed with the moon and will find it in the sky and point to it when it's still daytime.
- He loves to dance! Finally! I didn't think he'd ever start dancing, but he started with just moving his arms a few months ago and now he goes crazy whenever he hears music. We were in a store and heard some bollywood/indian music and he started twitching and swaying all over and was completely in his own world! It was too funny.
- He points to his tummy when I ask him where the baby is.
- He gets excited to go on walks because he loves to push his stroller. Of course the only thing he can reach is the basket underneath, so he just crouches and pushes that. After we get back from a walk he won't go anywhere in the house unless he can push his stroller there. Seriously, if I want to give him a bath he has to push his stroller into the bathroom with him.
- I think he's figured out taking turns. We've been working on it, and the other day at the mall he was waiting patiently for his turn on the slide and bigger kids started running in front of him and he started shaking his head and saying "No, no, no" to them!
- He is now an excellent tantrum thrower... something else we're working on!
- He will fold his arms and bow his head at the beginning of the prayer, and then do whatever he wants during, but make sure he hurries and gets back into prayer position before we're done and then pretend he was like that all along. Little does he know we peek at him!
- He is very much boy. He loves vroom vroom, b-ball, airplanes, motorcycles, any sport, and baseball caps. Jonathan is very proud. :)
- Of course, he can also comb his hair, use an eyelash curler, help mom cook, do laundry, sing in a very pretty high voice, and he loves to clean! We give him a sponge and he's a happy camper! Hopefully these habits last!
- He is SUPER cuddly! He loves to give snuggles, kisses, hugs, and any sort of loves to mom, dad, and his stuffed animals. He even has a book with pictures of kittens in it and he gives them kisses and tilts his head to the side and smiles at them. Beyond those people, though, he's a little more reserved. In fact, one day at the store Taylee was trying to give him a hug and after three attempts they finally did it and started walking backward while hugging and both fell and smacked their heads on the hard floor! Maybe that's why he is a little anti-PDA with other people.
That's an exhaustive list for now, mostly for my family since they are probably the only ones who will read this, but at least it's something! I will work on trying to get more pictures up within the week! But just so everyone knows we are doing fantastic and so excited to come home to Utah!