Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleeping Buddies

So, we've been having trouble getting Easton to go to sleep on his own since we moved back from Virginia. The other day we put him in his crib to go to sleep and instead of crying, we didn't hear anything. I waited a while and went in to check on him and found him sound asleep- clutching his stuffed dog! Ever since then, he's gone to sleep on his own, holding onto his puppy, almost every single time. It is the most adorable thing ever! And it makes life so much easier for me!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Sooo... I'm late on everything else, why not be late on this, too! :) Jonathan's birthday was actually September 30, but I'm just getting around to posting so I'll include the birthday post I was planning on writing. I saw this on my cousin's blog and thought it was a cute idea! Since Jonathan is turning 25, here are 25 random facts about him!

1. He will eat anything! If anyone is considering throwing something away because it's gone bad, just give it to Jonathan. He will eat it, even if it is spoiled, just so it doesn't go to waste!
2. He looks good in a pair of Wranglers.
3. He gets up with Easton every morning and lets me sleep in...
4. ... what he does when he gets up with him is take him into the family room to watch SportsCenter. Easton now loves watching football and gets excited when Jonathan whistles the ESPN theme song.
5. His family calls him Jonathan, his coworkers call him JP, and his friends from Coalville call him Johnny, but he won't admit to that one.
6. He didn't have a cell phone till after his mission and he didn't have text messaging till we got engaged.
7. He makes the best scrambled eggs ever!
8. He looks for any opportunity to serve. I have never known anyone to jump out of their seat so fast in Sunday School if more chairs need to be set up. I think he signs every sheet that comes around and over the summer(even though he worked till dark every night and Sunday was his only day off) he went on splits with the missionaries every time they needed someone.
9. He is studying Business Management and planning to go to law school. He still doesn't know what type of law, but he has liked his business law and labor law classes.
10. He is the most fun person to cook for! It doesn't matter what I make, he goes on and on at every meal about how good it is and acts like it's the best thing he's ever had.
11. He has one of the hardest jobs ever: a door to door salesman every summer. He also has one of the best attitudes about it.
12. If I would let him, he would eat macaroni and cheese, top ramen sandwiches, quesadillas, and grilled cheese every meal. He does eat a turkey sandwich or two for lunch about 300 days out of the year.
13. His weakness is Oreos and milk.
14. He acts like a little boy when he gets in the swimming pool and hops like a jelly bean all over the place. Easton loves it.
15. He loves the Knicks, the Raiders, and the Yankees, but is a die-hard Cougar fan.
16. He always sleeps on the right side of the bed. And he snores.
17. When I was pregnant he gave me a foot massage every night for three months, and the best part was he offered to do it without me asking for it.
18. He served a mission in Salta, Argentina and was a great example of obedience (or so I've heard from his old companions).
19. He loves Chuck Norris jokes and anything else that makes him laugh.
20. He calls me and Easton the craziest names you could ever imagine! (I'd write them here but he would be embarrassed!)
21. He always opens my door.
22. He told his mom he was going to marry me before we'd even spent 10 minutes together. (The reason he told her that was because he needed canned food to bid on me in the ward date auction.)
23. He sleeps like a rock. Every morning he asks me if Easton woke up during the night because he has no idea.
24. He is a great dancer
25. He wants to live in a small town and own a horse ranch someday.

Happy birthday Jonathan! I know every wife thinks her husband is the best one ever and I am definitely one of them! He is more sweet, loving, and kind than I ever would have expected and I am grateful every day that he picked me! Easton couldn't ask for a more playful dad! Just the other day I was thinking about what an amazing thing it is that out of all of the people who have ever lived, he is the one that I get to spend all eternity with and I am soooo excited about that! Sorry to take this opportunity to brag, but he never does it for himself and I just wanted to let him know how special he was. I love you sweetie!


Okay, so with the start of the new school year and a lot of changes, I've noticed lots of people's blogs saying things about how longs it's been since they've posted. I'd like to say I had a really good reason for being one of them, but... I basically just keep making up excuses and even though I frequently check other people's blogs, it's been a long time since I've done my own. So here goes a long long catch-up!
As most of you know, we are getting back into the groove of school, wards, friends, family, raising Easton, and actually having time together!(which has been awesome!) Boy I can tell you we are loving it! Jonathan only goes to school two days a week so we have lots of free time together and Easton has started a blessed trend of going to bed between 7 and 8, waking up at 7 and eating, and then going back to sleep till 9 or 10! Hallelujah! Believe me I am loving life! He still takes a couple naps during the day, too, and is the happiest little squirt ever with all this good rest! In fact, he's always been pretty mild, but now he's getting sillier and sillier every day. His daddy taught him to scrunch his nose and eyes and breath really loud and fast out his nose and now it's his favorite thing to do. Especially during meals. Another newfound hobby is screaming, and when I say "screaming," I mean somewhere between squealing, screeching, squeaking, and something that sounds like an attempt at hitting a note that is way above your natural range. And boy can he do it loud. His favorite place to do it is restaurants, church, whenever visitors come over, or for ten minutes straight at the grocery store. Our family is always the center of attention now! I can think of two specific times recently- a softball game and the swimming pool - when everyone was staring at us. He does it a lot when he's excited and since he gets really excited when he sees other babies, he ends up scaring a lot of them with his "greeting." He even scared some lady's dog the other day! I'm not sure if I should try and discourage this, but I just think it's so darn funny that I let him keep doing it. He's probably just learning to talk, right? Actually, he is doing really good in that department! He mimics a lot of words we say and will call me "mama" and the other day called Jonathan "dada" and reached for him! He even mimicked "vroom vroom" once, but that's understandable since he has a love affair with motorcycles, fourwheelers, trucks, and anything else that makes a lot of really loud noise. If any of these drives by he will not take his eyes off it till the sound dies out. My dad recently got a new street bike and he gets soooo excited when he sees it and just repeats "oooh oooh" over and over again. We have taken him on a few fourwheeler and motorcycle rides and he loves riding in Grandpa Peck's big truck.
Easton keeps us entertained all day long. He loves to crawl, chase, and he is constantly grabbing our hands to steady himself and then he pulls us and takes off running and we have to hustle to keep up so he doesn't fall. He pulls himself up on anything he can reach and everything is a toy so the bottom two shelfs of everything have only unbreakables on them. We can put him in the family room and he'll play by himself for an hour since he can crawl all over and pull everything off the shelves and just be silly. We love parenting so much and can't imagine what we would be doing without him! It's kinda funny, we can go through the whole day of being with him, and at the end of the night when we go to check on him before we go to bed, we often just stand over his crib and talk about how much we miss him and just want to wake him up to play with him! We love you Easton!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pastel Art!

So, my friend Brooke is an amazing artist and is going to put her talents to good use! She drew an adorable pastel picture of Easton the other day and she's going to start a business drawing the pictures you send to her! They are super cute and cheap so check out her blog, Personalized Pastel Art, in my friends list! Way to go, Brooke!
PS- I don't know why the picture didn't post, but if you click on the weird box at the bottom of this post it will take you to a page with the pic of Easton, or else you can just check it out on her site.