Friday, November 20, 2009

My Examples

Wow, normally I don't post for months and now I've got two in a day! I just had to mention a few people who have been tremendous examples to me over the last few months. Mostly this is a big thank you.

Karen- she was my visiting teacher in Virginia. Not the come-by-once-a-month-and-see-how-you're-doin visiting teacher, but the real deal. The day after Caden was born she was at the hospital with a balloon and a notepad to write down everything I might need (thanks to Rose, a sweet girl in our office who notified the bishop immediately about what happened since everyone was leaving that week so we would be alone). She called me almost daily to see how Caden was doing, how I was doing, and what she could do. She offered to babysit at least a dozen times. She made us dinner in her home 4 times, brought dinner to the Ronald McDonald House once, had people bring my family dinner for the week I was in the hospital after he was born, and periodically had people from the ward invite us to their homes for dinner so that we could get out and socialize. She didn't ask "What can I do?" but instead had already thought of specific things I might need and asked about those. She had people come over and help us move. She made a list of every playgroup in the stake, where they met and what time, so that Easton could have friends and I could chat. She offered to give me rides to the hospital. She took me to Babies-R-Us so she could take care of Easton while I got what I needed. She even offered to let us stay at her house, but we ultimately decided that Ronald McDonald House would be easier. She still calls to check up on us. She was such a great friend and I will strive to emulate her example.

My Family- Besides their constant support and love, they did everything they could to help us. My mom came and stayed with us for 3 weeks while I recovered from the C-section, and my dad and brother got along at home without her for that long. Plus all my siblings came out and visited. Jonathan's parents rented a second car for us so that I would have a way to the hospital while Jonathan worked. My family moved all of our stuff into our apartment from the storage unit before we got home, cleaned everything, and restained the cabinets so it would look nicer. And when I say cleaned, I mean CLEANED! Jonathan's brother and his wife and family came up from Richmond, VA to visit and made themselves available so that we could call them anytime we might need help. My sweet mother-in-law called the NICU to see if there was anything she could do to help us get home sooner. She felt so awful she couldn't come out and was always trying to find more ways to help us from home. Both of our parents were at Primary Childrens when we got there to help with Easton and just give support. It is such a relief to be back with all of them again! They are amazing!

Jonathan- I get emotional when I think of how amazing Jonathan was through everything and how he continues to be. Part of that may be because he is out of town for work for two weeks, and even though I am staying at my parents and they're helping out a ton, I really struggle without him ad miss him. He was so positive and always told me that everything would be alright. He watched Easton every time I went to the NICU after my mom left and those two have really become best friends. In fact, I think he would make a better stay-at-home parent than I do! He gave me so much support and was so unselfish with his time and energy. I really came to appreciate him more though this. And it didn't end when we got back to Utah. He is so helpful with Caden and Easton, especially since Caden isn't sleeping. He started "Friday Night Delight" where he stays up with Caden all night on Friday so I can sleep. He will do it sometimes on other nights too if I'm really tired. And if he ever wakes up and I'm feeding Caden, he gathers all the extra pillows and sometimes his own and put them behind my back to make sure I'm comfortable. I can't imagine life without him, not just because it would be so much harder, but because he's just so cute and funny and I miss him so much while he's gone! He's my best friend and whenever I need to vent or laugh or cry, he's the first one I think of to talk to! Thank you so much sweetie for being one of my greatest examples and blessings in my life! I love you!
Of course, I also had my greatest example- my Savior. I was blessed with so much peace and happiness and felt that I was constantly guided about what I should do. I was able to feel loved from our Father and from his servants here on Earth. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and the blessing it is. I know my life is so much better for it!