Monday, December 21, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Our little Caden is almost 4 months old! He had his checkup today and he's doing great! Unfortunately he is still supposed to be on oxygen but he'll get tested again in a week and hopefully be done with it! His last test showed he was doing really good and very close to being off but just needs to get a little stronger. We have taken him off at times though and the doctor said that it won't hurt him, but he is growing so much right now that his body needs the energy to grow instead of breathe. And boy is he growing!!! He is 11 lbs 12 oz and 23 in. long! When we brought him home two and a half months ago he was 5 lbs 5 oz and since then he has gained over 6 lbs! And it shows- he has a double chin and 2 rolls in each leg! And I love it! Easton was such always very skinny and so it is so much fun to have a chubby baby! I can't believe how adorable it is! These pics are from when he was 3 months, but he looks pretty much the same now, so I thought you might enjoy seeing what he looks like now!

Unfortunately he has developed colic so we spend a good 4-6 hours a day trying to comfort him, but he's supposed to be getting to the downhill side of it. Hopefully within the next month he'll be feeling better! But whenever he's not crying he is smiling, cooing and gurgling! I forgot how much fun this stage is! I just love it!

Caden started smiling just 3 1/2 weeks after his due date! The doctor was very surprised and said that's a really good sign! He does everything that a normal two month old should and even though physically he is closer to his adjusted age, our doctor said he is developmentally a lot closer to a 4 month old and he thinks he should catch up by 9 months! This is wonderful news, especially since we've been waiting to see any signs of brain damage from his episode of oxygen depravation on our drive home from Virginia. The doctor said he's progressing so well that he would be surprised to see any, but if he did it would probably be something mild like ADHD or a learning disorder! Apparently the brain is still growing so much at this age that sometimes when part of it is damaged the rest of it will compensate for the damaged part. Hopefully that's what is happening here! I've always felt guilty about what happened and that if he had side effects from it then it would be because I didn't take him in soon enough, so Caden's progress makes me happier than I could ever express!

Caden is very social and loves to be talked to. And his favorite person in the world is not his mama, or his dada, but his big brother! He watches everything Easton does and loves when he plays with him! Easton even threw a ball to him the other day and hit him in the head (not a hard one though, I'm sure it didn't hurt) and Caden just looked at him and smiled! When I put them in the tub together Caden just smiles and coos and talks to Easton the whole time! And Easton sure loves "my bebe." One time he woke up from a nap and Jonathan was home and he ran out to see him and stopped halfway there because he saw the baby on the couch and ran over to Caden screaming "Heeeeeey bebe!" Easton is always giving him hugs and kisses and Caden just loves it. I LOVE seeing how much they love each other and I'm so excited for them to be able to play together more!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peck Family Pics

A few weeks ago we decided to take some family pictures. By ourselves. With a tripod. It was actually a lot of fun. And between Easton wanting to play on the playground, Caden wanting to eat the entire time, and me flipping through the manual between each shot to try and adjust the settings, we ended up getting a few cute ones. Nothing professional of course, but we like 'em.
Easton was actually really cute. He would be running around while one of us held Caden and the other adjusted the camera and tripod. Then when everything was ready, one of us would hit the timer, grab him, run and sit down and he would get really excited every time and keep saying "cheese" long after the picture was taken.

I hate all the pictures where we're standing because you can see the 10 lbs. I'm still carrying in my thighs from Caden. Well, maybe not exactly from Caden, but if you were staying at the Ronald McDonald house and PANERA BREAD delivered bags and bags of pastries, muffins, brownies, and cookies every week, could you resist? Yeah, didn't think so.

So Easton developed a habit of grabbing people's ears just before we came home from Virginia. It's pretty funny and he will come up and just grab your ear for no reason all the time. What a silly little kid!

Caden is actually still on oxygen, but we took it off for each picture. This pic is what he actually looks like. Poor little cuss, doesn't he look miserable? He got monitored all night last night without the oxygen though so we'll find out if he passed and gets to be off of it tomorrow!