Thursday, August 27, 2009

He's here!

Wow, I wasn't planning on writing this post for a few more months, in fact, we haven't decided on a name for him yet so I wasn't even planning on updating this until we did, but I'm sitting here bored in the hospital and decided you'd probably all like to know what happened, even if you don't know who I'm talking about! Our little baby boy #2 arrived this Tuesday, August 25 at 4:38 pm! He is darling and tiny (actually big for being born at 31 weeks - 3 lbs. 11 oz.) and makes cute little squeaks... and was quite a surprise! Tuesday morning Jonathan, Easton and I went to pick up the car (since someone backed into it last week and the door had to be replaced) and then went to breakfast. This is how the rest of the day went:
9am- occasional pains, nothing too serious
11:30- Jonathan left for work, more-often occasional pains, but still not super painful
2- Put Easton down for a nap then laid on the couch to take a nap myself but couldn't since for the next hour my stomach hurt every 5-6 minutes. Hmmm...
3- Called Dr's office and left a voicemail for the nurse asking if I should be concerned. I still wasn't too worried because it didn't feel like a contraction to me so I thought it must be something else.
3:15- Got a call back telling me to come get checked just in case, although it may just be intestinal; called Jonathan and asked him to come home from work to take me to get checked because the pains were starting to hurt into my back
3:20- Bearing down pains start!
(I'm trying to forget the time period in between here)
3:55- Jonathan walks in the door to a screaming wife and Easton crying because Mom won't pick him up.
4- We hop on a busy freeway in Washington, DC during rush hour traffic, but luckily it's not for too long
4:20- We pull up to valet parking and a security guard wheels me up to labor and delivery where I immediately scream to everyone that I am having a baby RIGHT NOW!
4:22- 5 nurses are rushing all over and find out that I am completely dilated and ready to go, but they think the baby is breech so I have to wait for the doctor. Are you kidding me?
4:28- Doctor arrives and confirms that the baby is breech so we need to go to the operating room
4:30- In the operating room, we're waiting for anesthia whom of course nobody can find so they finally just slap a gas mask on me to knock me out since I'd been begging for an epidural since I got there and all anyone keeps telling me is not to push the baby out yet
4:38- Our little guy is born... apparently. Not that we had any idea because I was unconscious and Jonathan had gone down to registration as soon as we got to the hospital. He said when he made it up they told him congratulations as they were wheeling the baby to the NICU.
So that's the story! Now our October baby has ended up being an August baby and instead of moving home this weekend like we had planned we'll be staying out here in Virginia for about 6 weeks. We thought we would be able to renew the lease on our apartment since it was supposed to be up Monday, but we can't so it looks like we'll be staying at the Ronald McDonald house here by the hospital. Since I had a C-section, I can't really lift Easton at all and can't do a whole lot of anything yet, so my mom took a medical leave of absence from work and she's going to stay with us for a while to help out with him until I've recovered enough to take care of him. Our ward has been so nice and people have been offering help with everything and bringing meals over. It's kind of crazy how fast all of our plans and everything have changed, but everything happens for a reason and I'm sure it's the same with this. I was feeling pretty down last night about not knowing where we were going to stay and living out here away from everyone for another month and half and not being able to be with the baby, but Jonathan talked to me about how everything has a purpose and this is just another trial we have to go through and that he feels like everything is going to work out just fine and we'll be stronger for it. I'm so lucky to have him, especially to help me keep focused on what's really important during this time. The baby is doing well and they're happy with his progress and I'm so grateful he is being taken care of. I'm so happy to have him and Easton and now to have a place to stay and my mom to help us out. I'm doing good and got to experience a natural labor like I always wanted to, minus the best part which is when the baby comes out :). My labor nurse told me that I just about got to have a natural c-section too, but they realized they were going to have to pump my stomach first so they decided to give me some gas. Overall it was a crazy experience that seems to keep getting crazier with little surprises and changes of plan, but if this is what we have to do to get little whatever-his-name-is here then I guess we'll take it!