Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silly Boy!

So, Easton did the funniest thing last night and I just had to write it down before I forget. I brought him in the house and he was screaming because he wanted to go back outside so I was going to the kitchen to get him something to eat. Well, all of the sudden I saw something jump sideways on the floor and looked down and it was a big, blue spider! I am TERRIFIED of spiders so I stood there freaking out for a minute since Jonathan wasn't home to kill it for me. I finally grabbed the lid off the crock pot and threw it on the spider, which it trapped. On closer inspection, I realized it was just a piece of blue string, no spider. :) But amidst my little escapade Easton started laughing his head off. I thought back to what I had done but I had no idea. When I realized the "spider" was just a string, I said, "Oh shoot" and Easton started laughing his head off again. I must have said it when I was freaking out and for some reason he thought it was hilarious, so all night whenever I would say, "Oh shoot" he would laugh and snort! I know this is probably just funny to me, but I love to hear him laugh so I probably said it about a hundred times! What a funny kid!