Saturday, March 31, 2012

The pictures

that have been missing from all my posts. There's plenty to make up for the lack in the last two posts.

These were in February. Yes, shorts in February. At 9am. Love it.

The boys love eating "toast with treat" (nutella) but let's just say it's not the neatest treat around.

We threw a "Milkaholic" shower for Robin while I was up for spring break. We also had another combined one for her and my cousin Megan, but I forgot my camera for that one.

My mom is amazing.

We took a little trip up to Copperton Park in Bingham City. It was so fun to take the boys there since I have so many memories of playing there when I was growing up.

Miles enjoyed his snug little sauna while we played in the cold. Fleece carseat covers are great inventions for the winter, it was sweltering in there.

                                                             (in case you can't tell I'm swinging)

Grandma had to make sure it worked before the boys used it. ;)

Caden is one of the most expressive people you'll ever meet. I laugh daily at normal things he says because he says them with the craziest facial expressions and intonations. I tried to catch some of his expressions while he was telling me a story, but I should probably just post a video to give the full effect.

Hopefully I'll get a little better at posting more often so it doesn't have to be picture overload when I do, but I'll be honest, I don't have a whole lot of free time these days. As my mom says, "It's a good busy," and I love it.