Friday, December 27, 2013

Great news!

Just for a quick update, I got great news at the doctor yesterday. I haven't dilated anymore, still at a 3, and his head has gone back up. Apparently the last two times she checked me she could feel it right there pressing down on the cervix but now it's off so that's wonderful! The lack of gravity pulling him down has probably helped since I've basically been doing nothing but laying down since Monday. I'll go to the specialist on Monday (he was out of town this week) and see how things are looking then. I'm really really happy though because I can definitely tell the bedrest and medicine are helping, the contractions are fewer and less intense, and I'm really glad to feel a little bit in control of things again. Hopefully things stay the same through the month of January and we get to hold off on meeting our little man till February!

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Amber Penrod said...

It was great to read your updates. I hope he stays in for a while longer! Keep us posted!