Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A little update...

I  have so many sweet friends check up on me all the time that I figured I should just do an update and let everyone know how things are going(and because I haven't updated in over a year, I figure it's about time). I've been planning this post for the last few weeks, where I'd announce how I'm kicking pre-term labor's trash and despite non-stop contractions since 8 weeks(meaning sometimes every 3-5 minutes for DAYS), my weekly ultrasound always reveals that everything's still holding up fine and life is awesome. I've been taking it easy since the beginning and sometimes felt like I was already on bedrest since I couldn't do much without getting those darn contractions going, but it's been soooo nice to come home each Monday from my appointment naming all the fun things I'd get to do that week since I was not officially on bedrest. I hit 30 weeks Sunday and decided that would be a good time for my triumphant announcement. Well, my appointment yesterday changed all that. I found out I was dilated to a 2. My doctor asked me to come back in today so she could check and see if I'm progressing or just sitting at a 2 and unfortunately I'm now at a 3. She really didn't want to admit me to the hospital over Christmas so she gave me a prescription for anti-contraction medicine and told me to take it really easy and take the meds and come back Thursday to see where I'm at, as long as I don't end up having to go to the hospital between now and then. I swear, holidays are a curse to my uterus. Last time, I got put on bedrest on Halloween, this time the day before Christmas Eve. So here I am on the couch again, timing contractions and drinking obscene amounts of water. Of course, I'm super grateful that this time it will only end up being for 6 weeks at most as opposed to 14 weeks like last time, but I'm really really really hoping this little guy will stay in at least a few more weeks. I've done a 30 weeker and although everything turned out pretty well, there's still a risk for long-term complications that will almost disappear by 32 weeks, so that's my goal.
Anywhoo, on a much less depressive note, I am super excited for this little guy to come!!! Holy cow he moves way more than any of my other kids did, my stomach is constantly rolling and bouncing all over the place. The boys are so excited, they always talk to the baby and talk about what they're going to teach him, although they always call him a girl on accident, they were pretty disappointed when they found out they weren't getting a sister. I was surprisingly not disappointed. My mother-in-law asked me what I thought it was going to be a few days before I found out, and although I thought it would be a girl, I told her I would actually prefer it be a boy, since he would be so close in age to Miles and they could be little best buds. I know girls and boys can still be best friends, but seeing Easton and Caden together really made me want a little buddy like that for Miles. They all play together well, but I can definitely see how the age gap affects the way they play, so when I found out it was a boy I was ecstatic. I'm so excited for another sweet little man!
The boys are all doing well, Caden and Miles have become really good friends while Easton's gone at school. I always wondered how Caden would do being the older brother and how patient he would be since he tried Easton's patience quite a few times, but he's amazed me. Miles went through a pretty rough time for about 6 months where he would just randomly attack any kid that was within arms reach. It was really fun and I'm so glad he's over it! I'd often find him pinning Caden to the floor and smacking Caden in the face and Caden yelling, "But Miles, I love you baby! Don't hit, Caden loves you!" What a sweet kid. Luckily Miles has turned a corner and is now much sweeter and more loving and adores his older brothers. He started talking up a storm and loves being understood better now. The other day he realized that I have a name besides "Mama" and has started calling me "Insi" sometimes and laughing his head off about it. Sheesh I love these boys. And of course we're so excited for Christmas tomorrow! We've gotten to spend so much time with all of our family and it's been terrific.
I think this deserves a blog mention, after years of hard work my handsome hubby graduated from law school this spring, scored a job here right by our families, and passed the bar! Just kind of a big deal. :)  It's crazy to think we're finally done being students and real grown-ups now, although it doesn't feel like it quite yet. We decided to stay at my parents house to have extra help during the pregnancy and we're planning to buy a house this spring after baby comes out, then I think we'll feel like official grown-ups.
So there's a little update of how things are going out here in the Peck household. Overall pretty great, even better if little man stays cooking a few more weeks for us! I didn't get a chance to send out Christmas cards this year, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and a Happy New Year!!!


Daisy Steadman said...

Congratulations! I had no idea you were pregnant! Funny thing is, I'm one week behind you (girl). I will be 30 weeks this coming Friday. I'm glad this pregnancy has been going better for you, though sad you have to be on bed rest again. Good luck!! Hopefully your little man stays in there the full time! I have the opposite problem, where my kids don't want to come out and have to be removed via c-section, but whenever I want to feel sorry for myself, I think of you and how good you are about your pregnancy trials. You're an amazing inspiration, really! Again, good luck and congratulations!

Brindy and Chris said...

SOOO glad to see your update! Thank you. :) I don't think I realized you guys were having another baby! That is wonderful! And so so awesome about Jonathan graduating and passing the bar AND getting a job!! That is so great! So so happy for you guys. I don't know how you manage to keep up with those boys with the kind of pregnancies you have, but it seems you do it some how! Well Happy Holidays. I didn't get Christmas cards out this year either...Best wishes for you and your family and your new little guy too!