Thursday, October 25, 2012

Summer part 2

Looking through these pictures has made me extremely sad when I see this sweet face:
When did he get so big??? Newborns should stay that way for at least a year. I think I might cry.

Moving on, this pool got SO much use this summer. We absolutely loved it. But my favorite swims were the "adult swims" at night after the kiddos were in bed. We pretty much always played basketball and had races. I am not the world's best basketball player so Jonathan  had to practice a bit with me during the daylight hours before the other siblings got up there.

We already can't wait to put the pool up again next year.

Jonathan's parents had a little speedo/floatie outfit that Caden wore everywhere and I looooved it. I mean seriously, even with his kachow shirt over the top he still looked cute.

Big daddy.

Grandpa Dave spent lots of time diggin in the sandbox with the boys.

Papa and Hun's trampoline also got a tremendous amount of use.

We seem to make it up to free day at This is the Place State Park every summer, although this time I locked my keys in the car and realized as soon as we got there. That $15 a year for roadside assistance is totally worth it. I think I've used it 3 times already this year!

Some Native Americans were showing their traditional dances and invited audience members to come up at the end and dance in front of the stage. Caden must have misheard him because he ran up ON the stage and started bustin' some moves with the rest of the dancers. It was hilarious, but I couldn't get a very good shot through the crowds. Oh, and Easton followed his brother up there and then cowered in the corner. He's old enough to understand what's going on when he's the only non-Native American dancing in front of an audience. Too bad.

This kid gets his laugh on ALL DAY. He's not one of those mild, pleasant, quietly happy babies. He's one of those kicking, laughing, squealing, excited-beyond-belief about everything kind of kids. I hope it sticks.

We got to go visit my cute 81-year-old Grandma Bybee at the care center in Panguitch a few times this summer. We even got to take her to Tropic and Henrieville to see the graves on Memorial Day. The boys always get so excited to see her, she's a pretty fun grandma.

Notice the cute picture of her and my grandpa right behind Easton's head. So cute. They were married for about a half a century when he died.

There was a huge windstorm and we watched this huge branch fall out of that tree! Not only that, but Jonathan and the boys were about to go stand right under it! Crazy!

 Almost done with the update. I think I've only got one more to go!

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